Grandstream Network Solutions Certified Specialist - Standish, Lancashire - 23rd May 2018

Grandstream Certified Specialist - Networking Solution

May 23,2018 - 09:00AM to May 23,2018 - 05:00PM (London)

Local time

BNS Distribution Ltd Unit 7 Douglas Mill Bradley Lane Standish Lancashire WN6 0XF map

Join the UK Grandstream Distributor BNS Distribution Ltd for an one day certification training [THIS IS NOT ONLINE TRAINING] and will be held at the BNS Head Office in Standish, Lancashire. Participants will learn about Grandstream's network solutions including Routers, Wireless cloud management and Wireless Access Points, along with how to setup, configure, and management. Attendees will have the opportunity to take an exam and become a Grandstream Certified Specialist in Network Solutions at the end of the training. The cost for the training is £250 +VAT and on successful completion of the exam you will receive Grandstream product(s) on completion.

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